About Gary Roland & The Landsharks

       Are you afraid of having too much fun? Then watch out for The Landsharks!  As one of the most well-known, well-liked and in-demand bands in the country, they have performed throughout the world in thousands of concerts, festivals, parties, shows, and more!

       The Landsharks play in New Jersey and they have also appeared with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, Florida and also at Margaritaville. The Landsharks performed at the Super Bowl victory party for The New England Patriots!  Also, The band was selected from hundreds of bands to open up for The Beach Boys at the First Flight Centennial Celebration in Kitty Hawk, N.C.  The event was hosted by celebrity John Travolta and attended by the President Of The United States.  And The Landsharks have had the honor of entertaining our U.S. Navy troops at special performances all over the globe.

       So…what are Landsharks? ........They are a fun, professional, interactive band with lots of audience participation and enjoyment!  A "Landshark" is also anyone who is ready to have a good time! At a Landshark concert, everyone gets to see a great show, listen to great music and have an INCREDIBLE amount of fun! They play EVERYTHING and are guaranteed to have you singing along. This unique brand of Landshark entertainment is most FUN you can have on land or water!

       Don’t believe it? Just ask Jimmy Buffett himself! The Landsharks were performing in Key West, Florida, at MOTM for the annual PHIP Parrothead National Convention, when Jimmy made a surprise appearance and performed right along with the Landsharks. He was so impressed with the band that he hired them on the spot to be the house band at his Margaritaville Cafe.  The Landsharks continue to play at Margaritaville and you never know when Jimmy might just walk in and start playin' with "the sharks!"